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About medusajs

Medusa is an open-source headless commerce platform. Use our building blocks and customize your setup in any way you want. Easy to set up with plug-n-play integrations to payments, CMSs, shipping, analytics etc. - Take ownership of your commerce stack. It provides most of the same standard features that Shopifys backend gives out of the box (e.g. E2E order handling, easy-to-use admin interface etc.)

Medusa aims to lower the bar for when developers and merchants can start building headless. In addition, Medusa aims to fix some of the regular backend hurdles we know from Shopify like full multi-regional support (local currency, shipment, and payment options) and fully automated exchange + claim handling.


  • Unlimited extensibility: Break out of your locked solutions, and start developing a unique commerce experience. Its extendible architecture allows you to customize your engine to fit your needs.

  • Easy to get started: Our quick starters let you spin up our backend with a fully functional storefront and admin with only a few lines of code. From there on, you can build custom integrations or leverage our pre-built ones.

  • Community Support: Face problems? No worries, Medusa has helped all kinds of stores scale with Medusa from local niche stores to global B2C brands. Join the community and get support for your eCommerce journey.