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How Aviyel works?
Trusted by fast growing communities
  1. TypesenseTypesense

    Lightning-fast, Open Source Search. No PhD required

  2. Mermaid JSMermaid JS

    Generation of diagram and flowchart from text in a similar manner as markdown

  3. NovuNovu

    Open-source notification infrastructure for products

  4. MobSFMobSF

    Automated pentesting framework for Android, iOS and Windows Apps

Power community-led growth
for your organisation with Aviyel

Built for
Community Teams
DevRel Teams
Go-to-market Teams
Smart Insights
Understand and nurture your community like never before. A dashboard that unifies community engagements from all the online channels effortlessly to identify and stimulate your evangelists, influencers, contributors and users.
Increase Engagement
Inspire your members to accelerate collaboration. Develop a robust community with meaningful engagements, learning and powerful incentive mechanisms to ensure sustainable growth.
Build Journeys
Construct tailor-made journeys that match the skills and intent of your community members. Easily create great onboarding experiences and automate engagement to ensure the community is active and growing.
Community-led Growth
Transform your community into your most performing growth driver. Organically gather product feedback, nurture members to become power users, assemble high-performing extended teams and scale your business with your community.

How Aviyel works?

Connect your Community.

Connect your GitHub, Slack, Discord, Twitter and other community channels using our native connectors.

Custom integrations are available on request to connect any other community channel.

Industry-leading security protocols to ensure best-in-class data security and privacy.

View Insights. Start Measuring.

A single unified view of your community members and their engagement from across platforms.

Identify your soon-to-be users, contributors and evangelists.

Powerful algorithms that unify member data, organised neatly into cohorts for quick actions.

Incentivise. Delegate Ownership.

Nurture your community members with rewards and community ownership to increase engagement.

Let collaborators showcase their contributions, build a social reputation and inspire others.

Game design-inspired rewards to incentivise activity across any platform using badges, NFTs, grants, swag or tokens.

Start Hitting Goals. Build Journeys.

Create and automate custom journeys for community members across platforms.

Achieve your community goals faster with powerful templates or if-then rules centered around meaningful outcomes.

Schedule and automate messages, send newsletters, collect feedback, share a meme, distribute swag, send event invites and much more.

Build Sustainable Engagement.

Community events platform for roadmap discussions, release discussions, meet-ups & AMAs.

Customise, manage and host events to drive engagement and create content.

Build strong content discovery collaboratively with the community. Distribute events and content across multiple platforms.

Supercharge your community
and unlock growth.
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