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Aviyel is a community driven monetization platform for Open Source Projects.

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Aviyel connects open source


Developers and Businesses

through a single knowledge sharing medium.

What is Aviyel for


Build and Incentivise Strong Communities

Build and Incentivise Strong Communities

Tools to grow and incentivise a strong community around your open source projects. Aviyel ensures a seamless exchange of knowledge and ideas with the community.
Financial Independence and Sustainability

Financial Independence and Sustainability

Multiple channels to build a steady stream of revenue around your open source projects so that you can focus more on building things you care most about.
Showcase Open Source Projects

Showcase Open Source Projects

Build and distribute the right content to ensure better discovery and increased adoption of your open source projects.

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Fun-factAviyel is a popular Vegetarian delicacy from South India. Aviyel (or avial ) is often linked with Onasadya and Onam - the harvest festival in remembrance of a mythological Utopian time that once existed in modern-day Kerala.
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