Earn badges for your open source contributions. Showcase and share it with the world.

build sustainable communities

Build Sustainable Communities,

Scale Open Source Projects.

Awesome communities make Amazing Open Source Projects. Make your community fun and awesome.

Build Relations

Build Relations

Transition your community to your favourite hangout place.Meet great people who share your passion and goals, strike conversations and build together.

Rewards for Contributions

Rewards for Contributions

Find more reasons than your love for the project to contribute. Get rewarded for your contribution, build your reputation and be a proud shareholder in your project's success.

Acquire & Share Knowledge

Acquire & Share Knowledge

Go all the way from an explorer to an expert. Accelerate your open source journey by learning from the best in the community and share your knowledge to pave way for others.

Seamless Decision Making

Seamless Decision Making

Decision making and operational frameworks to run faster and to be ready for the inevitable scale of your project. Organised communities can be more powerful than teams.

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Community Tooling

Events & Meetups

Regular meet-ups for your community. Discuss roadmap and ideas, run release discussions, host office hours, run training sessions. High quality events platform- Free forever.

Events and Meetups

Collaborate & Share Knowledge

Work together and collaborate with your community members to create ever growing pieces of content. Seamless knowledge sharing experience to drive discovery, distribution and collaboration.

Collaborate and Share Knowledge
Discover and Share Knowledge

Discover & Learn

Discover the most comprehensive list of content around open source projects. Tailor made learning paths curated by the community to start using projects and contribute to them.

Explore content

Contribute Code. Find tasks that pay.

Find ways to contribute to the project and the community. A dedicated task board with inbuilt rewards, for everyone from beginners to wizards.

Events and Meetups

Community Dashboard

Interactions, contributions and all activity from across multiple platforms on a single dashboard. Analyse, build reward systems, incentivise and strengthen your community.

Events and Meetups

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